Teeth Whitening

Our experienced cosmetic dentists provide high-quality teeth whitening options for our patients that fit into their budget and lifestyle. For a confident whiter smile, call ISCAJA Dental in Plantation FL today.

Love Your Smile With Teeth Whitening

A bright white smile can transform how you look and give your confidence a boost. If your teeth are stained or discolored then our experienced cosmetic dentist can help. Our teeth whitening treatments have the ability to remove unsightly stains and lighten the color of your teeth significantly. Come and talk to our dental office in Plantation about how we can improve your smile today.
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What Are The Benefits Of Teeth Whitening At Our Office?

Professional teeth whitening, carried out under the supervision of our dentists, produces better, longer-lasting results than can be obtained using store-bought whitening products. That’s because the brands we use contain higher concentrations of peroxide and achieve faster results. Using Zoom whitening, for instance, our dentists can achieve great results in less than an hour. This can’t be replicated using over-the-counter at-home products

Frequently Asked Questions
Is Everyone Eligible For Teeth Whitening?
Patients considering teeth whitening are asked to attend a short consultation. Unfortunately, not everyone is suited to professional teeth whitening which is why our dentists carry out an oral examination first. This is to check that a patient’s gums and teeth are healthy before applying the teeth whitening gel.
Teeth Whitening – How Long Does It Last?
On average, patients can expect their newly whitened smile to last a year or longer although it may need ‘topping’ up from time to time. Naturally, the more you partake in stain-inducing foods, the quicker your white smile will diminish. As a top tip, regular brushing and flossing together with 6 monthly dental cleans, will help your smile stay whiter and healthier for longer.
Do I need a professional cleaning before teeth whitening?
Having your teeth professionally cleaned before undergoing any of our teeth whitening treatments is usually recommended. Any hardened plaque is scraped away, and trapped food particles removed to leave clean smooth teeth. This makes it easier for our dentists to achieve even whiteness across all the tooth surfaces.
Is Teeth Whitening safe?
When carried out by a dental professional, teeth whitening is considered safe. However, our whitening treatments are not recommended for pregnant women or people under 18.